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Hello...I've been a member for a while and finally had courage (and the time) to say something...

Salutations! My name is G. A. H. Jr. and I consider myself another one of the select few to don the name "overachieveing perfectionist." I'm a high school junior from Miami, which serves several opportunities. I have a deep connection with the following:

Scholarship contest/competitions (I'm presently filling out about 6 rigorous applications+); I'm 3rd in a class of 135 (pretty small visual/performing arts school; attend school for 9 hours a day; I go to school 35 miles from where I live (school's downtown and I don't drive--forced to take public transportation for 5 hours a day); AP Calculus AB; AP American History; English III Honors; Physics Honors; Dual Enrollment in different vocal/choral music classes (including hour voice lessons; vocal forum; vocal dicition--studying German now; chorus; vocal literature; among others); studying drivers ed; board member of National Honor Society; Membership chair for school's Zonta chapter; president of TRI-M Music Honors Society; co-president of Student Government; Vice-president of 55-member award-winning high school choir; vice-section leader (Baritone/Bass); vice-president of gospel choir; Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society); associate financial advisor of 1,000-member church; associate minister in church worship & arts ministry; section leader of church choir (Tenors); NAACP youth board; make time to run 5 miles (minimum a week); working at a grocery store on the weekends; studying for end-of-the year Brain bowl; taking online geography class; constanty accompanying vocalists/ instrumentalists for juries; weekend gigs for either solos or my school's select ensemble; taking a cooking class at a nearby community college; among piles of homework and maintaining two LiveJournal community as well as my own journal!!!

My best friends are coffee and Dr. Pepper; my worst enemy: my watch. I constantly lose weight for only getting about 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night. I'm suprised I haven't lost my mind...yet.

Gotta jet (again) but before I do, I must say that I'm happy to find the perfect community for me and others like me!
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