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Stick it out, way out.

So, A+R will not let me withdraw from a class. They say that compelling medical reasons will get me out of the entire semester, but it means I will have the equivalent of 4 F's on my transcripts. Shit-on-a-stick, anyone? A+R people are fun, nice, and very ugly at CSUF. Poor things. It's not their fault they look like they're addicted to heroin. (A+R = Admissions and Records, not Artists and Representation) It looks like I'll be taking on all four classes, and trying to make them work. Who knows--maybe I will actually get my leave of absence from Disney, just long enough to finish with C's in all my classes. This from someone who's had straight A's for the last two semesters and is in 2 honors societies. Arrggh arrgh bloody arrgh. 2 choices: stick it out or chop it off. Guess which one I'm gonna do? Yay whoopee.

And also aarrgh.ˇ
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