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Overachievers Anonymous' Journal
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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
8:09 am
A more active Message Board for you Twentysomethings needing more interaction
I see this board isn't too active, and neither are many of the other ones on this subject. I'll assume it's because everyone is already signed up to the boards on QuarterLifeCrisis.com Message Boards

If not, I'd recommend going there. As with all message boards, there are more members, more subjects, more divisions, and more activity.

X posted to several places
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
9:26 pm
Helpful Books
I highly suggest getting books about the Quarter Life Crisis. Check your library, bookstore, or Amazon.com. I'm finding some great information. Books like these are great overviews, for any more in depth questions you can always ask someone you who would likely know (which you should always do), or someone on the net.

List of Books about and for Twentysomethings

X Posted
Monday, March 14th, 2005
7:25 pm
An update on life!
Gah! It's been forever since I've been here. Life is hectic! I just thought I'd post and get it all off my chest.

I have six classes: Anat/Phys., Creative Writing, French I, Public Speaking, World Religions, and a study sessions class. I'm on campus, in the library, or the lab anywhere from 4-6 hours everyday.

I finished my novel on the college girl with the BDSM addiction, and I wrote a novel working with Phantom of the Opera.

Currently, I'm researching Ireland, planning my spring break, reading and transcribing The Lost Scriptures, studying, and trying to add to my books on Phantom of the Opera.

Oh, and I modeled for a little while, I work p/t at a coffee shop, and I have to begin layout for the literary zine.

Plus I'm studying, writing, training, meditating and healing.

Thanks a lot, life. If I weren't so busy, I'd be bored out of my skull.
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
8:36 pm

Since it seems like everyone's just listing all the things that use their time, I will also.

1. School: AP English, AP US History, AP Physics, Honors Precalc, Spanish 5-6, and Debate
2. Debate/Speech: tournament at least twice a month for the entire weekend + practices every week and a hella lot of extra work
3. Junior Statesmen of America--chapter president + state cabinet
4. Key Club-chapter cabinet + lots of volunteering time
5. Mock Trial Team (over now, but still was a lot of time)

And right now,

6. Applying to summer programs, which isn't like applying to college, but is getting more and more similar to it.

Current Mood: mellow
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
9:32 pm
Hi, I'm Mia. I'm 16. And I'm an overachiever!

Enough with the corny AA meeting post...I'll tell you my story.

In my freshman year last year, I decided that i could get by in school without doing any work at all. So I didn't and I had a few As, mostly Bs and some Cs. I also do ballet. I'm in the company now and I dance for 5 hours a night. I thought life was a snap. Until mom bitched me out for being too lazy. I decided that I better get to work because I know that I'm capable of more than what I had done.

So when it came time for scheduling, I took up a full load.

English Honors, History Honors(1st semester) and AP (second semester), Algebra 2 honors, French 2, Gym, Computter Applications, Speech, Honors Science, and Honors Chemistry. I thought I was in over my head, so I tried to quit dance to ease the stress.

But it turns out, my instructor didn't want to lose me just as much as I couldn't stop dance. I've done it since I was three.

I met this girl that year at dance. Wayyyyy competitive. And I knew I could be better than her. So Ive strived for the longest time...all school year, to get better grades than her and be a better dancer than her.

I also have a very serious relationship right now, then having to spend time with my few close friends and my large family. It's way too much.

There's my into, probably make some more overwhelming posts in the future!

Current Mood: cheerful
8:48 pm
Hi everyone. My name is Madison and I recently started a journal. I put personal stuff in it that none of my real-life friends can see. But I'd like to have some Livejournal friends. Anyways, feel free to read my journal. Maybe we're similar. I am 16 and female, by the way. I am an overachiever/ perfectionist and it sucks because I can never be good enough, and I just end up hating myself. Thanks for reading.
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
11:35 pm
Okay, just registered for classes next semester. I'm taking French I, Basic Anat/Phys, Public Speaking, ACA Study Skills (required by the college to graduate), and World Religions. Seven textbooks, over 5,000 pages, and over 360 hours in class for the semester, not counting study time, which comes into 500 hours all by itself.

I've also gotten into commercial and fashion modeling. I work part time at a coffee shop; I attend a writing group on Tuesdays and volunteer for the Historical Society. I'm layout editor of the new literary magazine on campus, Fresh Ink and managing editor of our paper, The Campus Communicator.

I go to American Revolution reenactments on weekends and am working on getting into UNC Wilmington next September. I plan to go to Ireland this summer and I'm teaching myself Japanese.

I'm also writing a novel about a girl who has to find herself through an education about BDSM. I also study taekwondo, karate, jujitsu and judo.

So, busy, busy, busy!

Current Mood: busy
Friday, September 17th, 2004
7:22 pm
Hi everyone. I joined this group a while ago, after giggling over the icon and thinking it might be a nice place to meet some new friends.

My name is Vic and I am a 16 year old who likes debating, is allergic to sport and spends too much time on the internet. I am too competitive with school grades, and want to learn to be more laid back.

Nice to meet you all.

Current Mood: dorky
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
8:09 am
At Last!
Here I was, thinking, "hey, there should be a 12 step group for those of us who just insist on being overachievers" and boom...a search finds me here....at last.


My name is mesawillow...i'm an overachiever.
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
9:36 pm
Hey everyone, well I finished off senior year decently. My last semester I chaired the Father/Daughter dance in April (it was a smashing success!), helped out with prom, finished up the yearbook (it turned out amazing), finished my CCD classes, got my Catechitical Certification, and graduated! Senior week was a great way to just let loose and celebrate my last year with some of the best friends I have made.

Two weeks after Senior Week I started summer classes at St. Joe's, Intro. to Western Civ. II and Rhetoric in Modern Practice were my two credited classes, I ended up getting B's in both. :-/ Could have (in my personal opinion should have) done much better in my rhetoric class, I had amazing speeches and amazing presentations every day. The professor wasn't a big fan of me though, but it's over now and at least I did not get a C. I move back to St. Joe's on Friday and am oh so excited, I'm taking four classes (Craft of Language, Financial Accounting, Math in Business Practices, and Spanish I *this will be the first time ever taking Spanish, having taken 3 years of French in high school*), I just signed up for the school's College Republicans and have asked for information on weekly tutoring and liturgical ministers. I also asked for information on one of the sororities since I am contemplating pledging in the spring. The sorority is amazing and has the highest GPA in the Greek system.

Hope all is going well with everyone!
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
5:12 pm
Just an introduction
I am NOT an overachiever. I am an average underachiver striving to BECOME an overachiever.

Here is the perfect example of what I am now:

I work full time (40 hrs./week) at a newspaper, and I'm taking two (count 'em, only TWO) college courses at my local college. I also volunteer for my Historical Society and I'm writing a theological essay.

Here is what I want to become:

Working full time, four or five classes, volunteering, writing a novel, working on articles for Lilith (a feminist Jewish mag) and Cosplay.com (an anime website), going to anime cons and reenacting on the weekends.

Help me make my dreams come true by giving me tips, pointers, and hints!

Thanks for all the inspiration, all you overachievers!

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
6:28 pm
Hello...I've been a member for a while and finally had courage (and the time) to say something...
Salutations! My name is G. A. H. Jr. and I consider myself another one of the select few to don the name "overachieveing perfectionist." I'm a high school junior from Miami, which serves several opportunities. I have a deep connection with the following:

Scholarship contest/competitions (I'm presently filling out about 6 rigorous applications+); I'm 3rd in a class of 135 (pretty small visual/performing arts school; attend school for 9 hours a day; I go to school 35 miles from where I live (school's downtown and I don't drive--forced to take public transportation for 5 hours a day); AP Calculus AB; AP American History; English III Honors; Physics Honors; Dual Enrollment in different vocal/choral music classes (including hour voice lessons; vocal forum; vocal dicition--studying German now; chorus; vocal literature; among others); studying drivers ed; board member of National Honor Society; Membership chair for school's Zonta chapter; president of TRI-M Music Honors Society; co-president of Student Government; Vice-president of 55-member award-winning high school choir; vice-section leader (Baritone/Bass); vice-president of gospel choir; Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society); associate financial advisor of 1,000-member church; associate minister in church worship & arts ministry; section leader of church choir (Tenors); NAACP youth board; make time to run 5 miles (minimum a week); working at a grocery store on the weekends; studying for end-of-the year Brain bowl; taking online geography class; constanty accompanying vocalists/ instrumentalists for juries; weekend gigs for either solos or my school's select ensemble; taking a cooking class at a nearby community college; among piles of homework and maintaining two LiveJournal community as well as my own journal!!!

My best friends are coffee and Dr. Pepper; my worst enemy: my watch. I constantly lose weight for only getting about 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night. I'm suprised I haven't lost my mind...yet.

Gotta jet (again) but before I do, I must say that I'm happy to find the perfect community for me and others like me!

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
4:53 pm
I haven't posted in here in a while...wow. Things were surprisingly calm for a while but with the start of a new job it's nothing but stress and running around.

Mid-terms have come and gone. I did mediocre. Now it's a new semester and I'm back to working hard. Yearbook is crazy, I feel like I never have anything accomplished but it's because I get no help from some vital people. I'm on top of everything and then it's like Bam! I hit a brick wall because I don't have enough pictures or I have a million pictures of the same shot. And without pictures I obviously don't have anything other than a few layouts drawn. Work is taking up a lot of time and I felt so backed up last week but I caught up Saturday morning and I'm good to go for a new week.

This week on top of work and yearbook I have Open House Thursday night (pre-set recording of F*R*I*E*N*D*S) and I'm starting up my work out and diet again. Need to go to the bank put a little bit of money in and take a whole lot out for a tanning package. Need to get ready for Senior Trip to Florida (March 31st), Prom, and Senior Week.

Hope everyone is doing well! xo.xo <3
Sunday, December 7th, 2003
11:47 pm
What a perfect community for me!! I love it.

I absolutely love three day weekends, I feel like I can get so much accomplished over them, even if I end up with very little done. I'm ahead in my Law class, I've got all my vocabulary reviewed and I've already begun reading the chapter. I have all of my college applications out so I can now finish my scholarship hunt. I have topics picked out for my english research paper.

I still have a little bit to do. I need to find a case for my Law research paper (that's due a week from Tuesday...argh!), write an essay for English, fill out my binder for Religion class, and make signs for our Multi-Cultural club's 'Christmas Around the World' celebration. (Which also reminds me I need to ask Mr. McKenzie if it would be ok to ask for a donation to be allowed to sample the foods...it's only fair right?)

On top of that, I need to start Christmas shopping with the little money I do have...ahh!!

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
1:34 am
Classic overachieving. My program would have allowed me to take one non-economics course to fulfil my electives, but instead I take public-sector economics and it is turning out to be a whale of a course.

Well hopefully if I pass it, it will impress the political science grad program I want to get into, but I could have just as readily taken an interesting politics course like "Political Leadership," which probably would have impressed them just as much anyway. And it would be that my advisor is teaching it. Drat!

But on the bright side, if I can master the material, it may be worth my while someday.
Monday, December 1st, 2003
7:52 pm
They say difficult tasks should be broken into chunks. Therefore:

tonight: get books for public sector paper, read tonight until sleep occurs
tommorrow: coffee up and try to write paper
after: get started studying for final and for last paper I have to write this term.
after that: term should be over chat with profs about clearing out my last two incompletes over the break.
2:34 am
Yes, this group is ideal for me. I am so stressed and behind right now.
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
12:21 pm
Stick it out, way out.
So, A+R will not let me withdraw from a class. They say that compelling medical reasons will get me out of the entire semester, but it means I will have the equivalent of 4 F's on my transcripts. Shit-on-a-stick, anyone? A+R people are fun, nice, and very ugly at CSUF. Poor things. It's not their fault they look like they're addicted to heroin. (A+R = Admissions and Records, not Artists and Representation) It looks like I'll be taking on all four classes, and trying to make them work. Who knows--maybe I will actually get my leave of absence from Disney, just long enough to finish with C's in all my classes. This from someone who's had straight A's for the last two semesters and is in 2 honors societies. Arrggh arrgh bloody arrgh. 2 choices: stick it out or chop it off. Guess which one I'm gonna do? Yay whoopee.

And also aarrgh.ˇ

Current Mood: overwhelmed
Sunday, November 16th, 2003
11:50 am
The Epic of Fwip
Once there lived in a green fine land
A thing by the name of Fwip.
Red fur, grey eyes, and all different size,
Was this thing by the name of Fwip.

It burrowed in mud and slept in rain
With its hair all matted around.
This thing named Fwip was not germaine
Save to the place where it went to groud.

It had no effect, it ate nothing much,
Its tracks disappeared in a day.
Yet the forest it loved, and was loved by it,
In their own apathetic way.

Other creatures would it disregard
And by them would be disregarded.
No notice would it willfully snatch,
Nor would be willingly awarded.

Yet for some, like a squirrel with a nut,
Or a deer that was caught in some bramble,
Fwip was a thing that could help each out
As on its walks it did ramble.

A hiding place for seeds and things
Was often found where Fwip had lain.
And one bounce of its body could free the horns
Of a deer that would be otherwise slain.

Yet no thanks were ever offered,
Nor were thanks by Fwip ever wanted.
Its only wish to forever stay
In the forest that it haunted.

Its talents were few and its outlook was dim,
It had no great perceptions.
Yet the things in store for the odd creature Fwip
Would make of its life great corrections.

One drear, gloomy day in the forest of Fwip
Came the sounds and the scent of burning.
Silent trees shreiked and animals ran
And Fwip felt a curious yearning.

Never had "future" arrived in its brain
Never want nor hope nor despair.
But these all and more filled the heart of Fwip,
As smoke filtered out the clean air.

It waddled and wended its way to a stream
And beheld Fwip his life's first foe.
The flames roared and danced over the trees
And the wind began to blow.

Yet one thing Fwip saw, as his home burned quickly
Was the fire avoiding the water.
Without much ado, Fwip waded in
And began swimming about like an otter.

When its red fur was soaked with the dampness and wet
Fwip stood and moved toward the inferno.
The first words of its life came out of Fwip's mouth:
"It is now time for you to go."

The firestorm chuckled, and it evil gaze lingered
On the wet creature moving toward it.
"You'll never kill me, or even cross over
The fire's too deep to ford it!"

Fwip merely advanced, dripping drops as it went,
And wetting the ground before it.
Came a sizzle and spark, and smoke came dark,
And the fire felt fear, it was sure of it.

Soon to the core of the firestorm came
The odd little creature called Fwip.
And it danced and it played in the center of flame,
As water in fire a seam did rip.

Other creatures of the woods saw
And into the water they came splashing.
Out the other side of the stream went
Fox and deet and rabbit, all crashing

Into the fire! The smoke-eaten trees!
Spraying water with them as they went
'Til they came to the place where the creature Fwip was
The fire was nearly spent.

With the help of the animals the forest was saved
But Fwip was forever scarred.
It finally knew fear (which is losing what we want)
And from peace felt forever barred.

It went deep to the trees, where no flames had touched,
And against a wise tree Fwip leaned.
"What do I do, now that I'm done?"
Its heart in anguish screamed.

The tree bent its branches,
Its twigs and its leaves.
"Don't fret," the wind whispered,
"We know why hearts grieve."

"A hero is not one of infinite strength,
Nor of power or grace or light.
A hero is simply someone who keeps going,
Never giving up its fight."

Fwip's tears left trickles among the dark pines,
And the forest itself understood.
Too often unnoticed go the works of the brave,
While the many who followed are named good.

Fwip lived in the forest the rest of its days
Doing not much, and saying even less.
But it always recalled what its home had said,
When it felt that its life was a mess.

So remember, you few, who do what must be done,
When you are feeling diminished and small.
You were the hero; you kept going on,
Tenacity saves us all.

Hang in there, folks!

A poem by Manya Muffin!
Thursday, May 8th, 2003
5:58 pm
Song of the doctoral student
Inspired by my latest loan deferment flaming hoop...

(To the tune of "Sixteen Tons")

Weeeeeellllll... I've been in college since fall '94
I got a degree, then came back for more
I cleaned out my savings
I took out a loan
'Cause graduate school is my permanent home...

You work sixty months
What do you get?
A PhD and a mountain of debt!
St. Peter, dontcha call me,
'Cause I can't go -
I sold my soul for a government loan!

Current Mood: Poor
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